Beauty Influencers You Should Be Following

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Beauty Influencers You Should Be Following-

When it comes to beauty influencers in the world of Instagram and YouTube, we often see the same popular faces time and time again.  Well… we’ve decided it’s time to add some new faces to the mix. Below, you will find Dope Queens Cosmetics list of the top beauty influencers you need to know, and should be following.

@kaneshiashana- Instagram

Not only is she a dope and talented makeup artist, but she’s extremely committed to her craft. Fresh off the heels of a 365-day makeup challenge where she posted EVERYDAY for a year, and she’s still not taking a break. Be sure to check out her page for tons of creative looks.

@rmalijundi- Instagram

One look at this beauty’s Instagram page and you’re guaranteed to fall in love. Each look is carefully curated according to her color scheme at the time. Every look she does she slays! One of our all-time favorite looks is of her in Dope Queens Cosmetics “Mandy”. Isn’t she stunning Queens? Go follow her and make sure to tell her that Dope Queens sent you!

@xtasteve- Instagram

Xtasteve has been killing the makeup game lately! We chose him as a brand ambassador because we knew he was dope, but HUNTY!!!!! He turned it up about 100 notches on us over the last month! Xtasteve is a beast with the makeup brush, and he’s not scared of bold eyeshadows or dramatic liquid lip! Follow him HERE. You won’t be disappointed.

@jarrytheworst- Instagram

She’s DOPE. You should be following her. Jarry’s looks are super fun, artistic, and creative. Her makeup tutorials are EVERYTHING, and her hair tutorials are not only gorgeous but easy to follow.

@tailormadejane- Instagram

Last but not least we have Tailomadejane. STOP what you’re doing now and head over to her youtube page! Baby!!! Her hair and makeup are always FLAWLESS! She recently dropped her new lashes line, and her hair line drops soon!

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