About Us


Welcome to Dope Queens Cosmetics - a cosmetic company dedicated to providing you exclusive, functional and professional beauty products to help showcase your inner beauty while ensuring a healthier skin. We provide high-quality cruelty-free makeup that allows you tap into your inner beauty and artistry with zero worries about irritations.

We are made up of a team of experienced professionals in the industry who stop at nothing to ensure optimum quality in every makeup item we produce. This has helped our products work effectively with the skin’s metabolism, with sensitivity to the needs of individual skin types providing the required skin nutrients while respecting the skin’s principal function as the body’s protective outer barrier.

At Dope Queens Cosmetics, we don’t see ourselves as just a product based company, we are a community. A place where people of color can celebrate beauty, culture, and artistry. With a commitment to serving the youth in underserved communities, we give back to the community by doing what we can to ensure they have the resources they need to receive a quality education.

How do we achieve this? When customers purchase from us, we donate a percentage of the revenue from each purchase to a non-profit organization that aligns with our mission. We are also very hands-on and love volunteering with the youth.


Quality Commitment

At Dope Queens Cosmetics, we are committed to providing customers the very best quality. To achieve this, we come up with the most effective technique and carefully sort ingredients after an in-depth research, picking only the natural ones that will help nourish your skin to at its best for a long time with zero side effects or irritations.

No Side Effects

Dope Queens Cosmetics are made of only the most active natural ingredients which are carefully tested for skin compatibility. This simply means that our cosmetics are made of natural ingredients that help in reducing the use of chemical preservatives and emulsifiers to ensure our products are especially friendly to your skin and the environment. We assure zero worries about burnouts, redness, or irritation.

Reliable Support team

We believe one of the best ways to assure maximum customer satisfaction is through effective communication. Therefore, we have set up a reliable team that is on hand to handle your request, inquiries, and suggestions. So, feel free to contact us and we will be sure to answer with the highest level of professionalism.


That’s enough about us; now let’s help you bring out that inner glow!

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