Bouncing Back From Unexpected Trials

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At the start of the New Year, I had major goals to reach, plans, and deadlines for myself on when these goals would be accomplished. I was pumped and inspired. But then… life happened. My fiancé became very ill and we found ourselves in the hospital for an entire week. My sole focus was on making sure my fiancé received the best care, and that he was getting better. I have an amazing team behind me here at Dope Queens, so I was able to check out of the business for that week and focus on my fiancés health. The only thing about checking out is that you have to pick back up where you left off, and that can sometimes be a bit overwhelming. I had so many things  I wanted to do, and momentum from setting my goals and intentions for the New Year.  I felt inspired, encouraged, and unstoppable.  After leaving the hospital I was grateful that my fiancé was on his way to recovery, but at the same time I felt overwhelmed because of all the missed work between my 9 to 5 and Dope Queens. I was also still very worried about my fiancé's health. During this time, I posted a question to a group I was apart of asking how to recover gracefully when life happens? What I really meant was, how do you bounce back when life throws a huge monkey wrench in your plans? Well ladies.. I now have the answer for you. You put on your favorite Red lipstick, a cute outfit, and you keep moving forward. Also, remember to take special care of yourself during this time. You see, life will ALWAYS happen to you at some point or another. There will always be a distraction lurking around the corner to throw you off your game, but you have to keep moving forward. Don’t lose sight of your goals, and always remember your why. Lastly, it’s ok to take time for yourself when life starts throwing curveballs at you. Maybe you don’t feel like getting up, dressing up, or being social when you’re feeling overwhelmed. Know that what you’re feeling is ok as long as you don’t stay in that place for too long. The minute you start feeling like your normal self, put your Dope Queens lipstick on, get cute, and press forward. You’ve got goals to crush and a whole world that needs conquering

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