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What makes you smile?

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The definition of smiling is “form one's features into a pleased, kind, or amused expression, typically with the corners of the mouth turned up and the front teeth exposed.” When smiling you feel joy and it comes naturally.... most of the time. Smiling is contagious, kind of like a yawn. When you feel good and/or feel your best you are more likely to act your best or when you receive a compliment on your bomb new (inserts awesome review on new lipstick line!!) Dope Queen lipstick in the shade Cheeky booty shorts you smile. Today the world is quick to frown and not make others smile. When you feel good make, others feel good. Share that confidence you have. If you are a shy quiet reserved person there’s the expression “fake it till you make it”.  Confidence is something some are born with, and something that others grow towards. So why not plant the seed for someone to grow? Having no confidence gives someone else the power not have confidence in you! Do the things that make you smile more often and makes YOU feel good. If it means splurging on 10 different lipstick colors so you have a different shade every day! Or binge-watching your favorite show, eating the food that makes you happiest, do it. Demand respect and happiness for yourself.
Taylor Lankster
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